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| Updated on Mar 22, 2016

Allure of Myanmar with Burmese Culinary Adventure

Nestled in Southeast Asia adjacent to Bangladesh, China and Thailand, is the country of Myanmar, formerly referred to as Burma. Known for super-sized Burmese pythons, Buddhism, an overgrowth of poppies and the infamous Burma Road (providing an early supply route to China) Myanmar hasn't always been thought of as a culinary destination.

However as sanctioned conditions lifted, big business has nudged their way into the quiet countryside that is opening its doors to a host of travelers.

Getting into Myanmar isn’t as difficult as is used to be since the Myanmar Government now allows for online Myanmar Visa applications, also known as eVisas. If you need assistance, some companies can provide 24/7 online support to help you sift through the copious amount of paperwork that is required to obtain a Visa to enter the country.

myanmar visa and food

For example, you can apply for an eVisa by logging on to and in no time, you can enter the country.

Once you are in Myanmar, be sure to check out the culinary delights that are infused with a variety of mainly plant and seafood centred dishes. With the components of balance in every meal, the Zen appeal of the cooking here comprises equal parts of the salty, spicy, bitter and sour tendencies.

A traditional Burmese meal will have rice as its focal point, offering up a variety of vegetables and seafood flavoured with spices to include curry and an array of herbs reminiscent of a wholesome meal with an exotic flair. Used often in Myanmar cooking are lemons, raw vegetables and fruit, peanuts and onions.

Food preparation lends itself a variety of salads with noodles, rice, and even roasted chillies and chickpea powder (lonelyplanet/myanmar).

The idea of fermented food may be off-putting to some, but even the most discriminating coffee drinker should try this unusual dish that includes a host of crunchy delights such as dried shrimp, garlic fried to a toasty crunch, peanuts and a variety of crispy ingredients that are surrounded by a huge mound of fermented tea leaves.

Known as a perfect snack for those wishing to stay awake, the caffeine in the leaves adds depth to an already perfect combination of crisp and flavourful (lonelyplanet/myanmar).

Whether you intend to immerse yourself in the rich traditions of a culture not yet disrupted by the changes that modernisation brings, or you choose to visit so as to indulge in the Asian-inspired local cuisine, be sure to get a Myanmar Visa and plan a trip soon. There's never been a better time to visit Myanmar.

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