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| Updated on Dec 5, 2015

Burmese Street Food Musts While in Myanmar

Sample Burmese Street Foods in Myanmar

Cuisine is not hard to come by in Myanmar with plenty of street cars dotting the area. When you´ve your visa to Myanmar ´ll be ready for enjoy flavors and if you were asked to name three reasons for traveling, we are certain foreign food is among the top. It has to be.


Food as a whole gives us the nutrients to survive but it also defines our lives. How we eat and what we cook up in the kitchen is influenced heavily by region, culture and tastes. When visiting different places, like Myanmar for example, edible concoctions are a large part of the overall experience. It’s even more important to sample these delectable delights as this food has been hidden from the world for almost half a century. Oh and you don’t need to break the bank either. An abundant amount of street food puts the tab at around $1 USD.

For a whole dollar, you could be eating like kings throughout the streets for weeks. You may never want to leave. While there, the street food is where dining is at, even for locals. Before venturing off looking for heaps of noodles and rice, there are a few dishes to keep an eye out for as these pack a mouthwatering punch:

Burmese Curry It’s the best. Let’s just leave it at that. Meaty and bursting with spices you probably never even heard of. You can find curry on the street or if you want to spend more than a dollar, check out a restaurant. Be prepared for a never ending stream of side dishes.

Noodles Whipped and cooked in extravagant oils instead of being fried. Dashes of spices and paired with a meat of your choice, or none if you don’t eat animals. There are also noodle soups especially in Shan State, which use tofu or chicken depending on preference. It’s a refreshing taste.

Salads. For a lighter, less filling food, try an assortment of Burmese salads. We are not talking about greens and a side of ranch dressing either. Sticky sauce tossed with tofu and cabbage is an option. Ginger salad and tea leaf salad made with actual tea leaves are two popular dishes throughout Myanmar.

Street food is the easiest and most convenient way to eat when visiting. However, be sure to check for a quality sticker on carts. No one wants to eat sushi that’s been sitting outside all day. All of this adventure with food is made possible by obtaining a Myanmar visa. Spice up your life by checking us out and soon enough you’ll be sipping down Burmese curry.

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