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| Updated on Apr 24, 2016

Myanmar Visa to try Meals

Myanmar visa will give you a chance to visit and enjoy the best meals in the country.

If you are traveling to Myanmar, be sure to check out for a number of meals that will give you the true taste of the food culture there.

Myanmar visa to enjoy meals

The largely hidden cuisine here has finally come to the light and visitors from across the world can now enjoy. The food culture here is predominantly salty/savory flavors influenced by the Southeast Asia with ingredients that are never found in any other cuisine.

The specialties in Myanmar have mastered on single dish or culinary style. There are common Burmese snacks and dishes that you get to enjoy with a Myanmar visa. They include:

  1. Tealeaf salad – fermented tealeaves are probably one of the most famed meals in the country. Your Myanmar visa will give you a chance to enjoy the tart leaves. You can eat them on their own, like a dessert. You can serve them like lephet leaves or even as salad. The slightly bitter leaves are hand-mixed together with the shred cabbages and tomatoes as well as the beans and nuts to ensure the true taste comes out.

  2. Shan rice – commonly known as nga htamin in Burmese, the shan-style rice is a dish that you will love in Myanmar. The meal is spicy and served for dinner among other main meals.

  3. Burmese curry – when you visit a traditional restaurant in Myanmar, you can be sure to enjoy a wonderful culinary moment. The dish is meaty, oily and the curry is based on fish, beef, pork and shrimp.

  4. Burmese tea – the teashops may not be just a place for you to sip some tea; they offer various cuisines for you to enjoy. Get your visa and get to taste the best meals in the country. Other meals include Burmese snacks, noodles and fries among others.

Applying online for your Myanmar tourist visa is simple with where they offer 24/7 customer service offering and online chat. If you incur issues while applying online then you are welcome to chat online with any of their operators to solve the issue.

They also offer payment in various different currencies and if you do not have a credit card then you can also pay with Paypal. You will receive your visa within 3 business days, it is that easy! Apply online today and travel to beautiful Myanmar.

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