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| Updated on Aug 30, 2016

How to Hike In Myanmar?

You wouldn’t think of Myanmar as the trekking type but it has amazing treks, hikes and walks. This country offers more difficult trails in the Himalayan north around Putao and less difficult hill tribe trekking in most of the country’s mountains. The best time for hiking in most of Myanmar is November to early March.

Where to Hike in Myanmar?

1-Himalayan Far North: This is my kind of trek. It has ice-caped peaks, rocky ridges, forest and valleys. It is an adventurous trek full of challenges and views. The best trek is the hike up to Phon Kan Razi at 3,635m (11,926ft), which is on the Indian border and has the most beautiful views. If you are not prepared for altitude then this trek is not for you. It is an 11 days trek approximately.

2-Kalaw-Inle Area: This is a lovely trek, which could easily be done with the whole family. You will walk around farmed valleys, monasteries and hill tribes who live in the area. If you have enough time, try sleeping in a tribal village. Treks can vary from half day to multi day. The Inle Lake offers great walks in its surroundings.

3-Nat Ma Taung (Mt. Victoria): Is located in the stunning Nat Ma Taung National Park. This area is famous for its ethnic tribes known for their tattoo-faced womenfolk. It is the third highest peak in Myanmar with 3,053 mts (10,016 ft). The hike takes around five yours to the summit and back. The walk is not technically challenging. Mount Victoria is best climbed between November and February.

4- The Shan Plateau: The Shan Hills offer treks or walks. You can walk from village to village enjoying the spectacular highland scenery or go on 4 day treks. Whatever your choice is, you will definitely get a feel for the rural typical lifestyle of the Shan’s State inhabitants.

5- Mount Popa: Mt Popa is an extinct volcano where the sacred Popa Taungkalat Monastery is found atop a huge rocky outcrop. At the base of the volcanic outcrop are 37 statues that represent Burmese spirits. From here you can climb up the 777 steps to the monastery at the top where you will find 360-degree views.

6- Mount Kyaiktiyo: This mount is famous for the huge golden rock at the top of its summit. It is one of the three most sacred religious sites in Myanmar. The summit area can get very crowded during the peak season from November to March.

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