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| Updated on Dec 22, 2015

Myanmar Relaxation Tip: Chill with a Reclining Buddha

Reclining Buddha is Relaxation Point in Yangon

When the city of Yangon becomes too much to handle, relax and unwind beneath the Reclining Buddha.

Hanging around with friends is an ideal pastime unless you prefer the family. How about taking those crazy best buds on an adventure overseas? Of all the places in Yangon, Myanmar to check out for the sake of relaxing has to be Chaukhtatgyi Paya. Hey, if you can chill with your friends, why not kick back with the reclining Buddha? That’s what we thought.

Toss a passport linked with a Myanmar visa into your bag, grab your friends and head to the coolest Buddha on the planet.


Upon arrival to Yangon, you’ll find a bustling city full of life and scrumptious food. We recommend finding a delicious food cart and diving into the taste buds before heading over to the Paya. Noodles, rice, bbq curry; you name it, it’s probably hiding somewhere in the city.

The only true way to get to the Chaukhtatgyi Paya is by taxi, which is relatively cheap, about $3 USD. Be prepared to stand in amazement when you step out of the taxi. Lucky for you and everyone else, it’s free to enter. If you did bring your lively friends, be sure to tame down a bit before going inside. There are also no shoes allowed. A kind “shoe hop” will gladly take your walkable-s to a safe area which you can retrieve when you are ready to go.

If you haven’t already finished chowing down, bring a small picnic. Once inside, there is an abundance of floor space which allows for optimal viewing of the 65 meter statue. No food? That’s ok too. Find a spot to sit and admire how cozy Buddha looks reclining on his side. He used to be standing, however, a few decades back, he ended up being too top heavy and toppled over. Now he just lays there. Notice the colors and immense detail capturing the true essence of this holy place. If you look carefully, rays of light may seem to glimmer off the encrusted diamonds and gems around his head. Look, but don’t touch.

There is no time limit to when you can visit the Reclining Buddha as its open 24 hours a day. Take plenty of pictures. Perhaps get the friends involved. There’s bound to be a few fun or funny snapshots waiting if you think hard enough. Timing is everything!

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