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| Updated on Dec 14, 2015

Travel Through the Bagan Temples in Myanmar

Myanmar Temple Temptation Makes for Endless Adventure

There’s nothing quite like touring through ancient Bagan Temples and witnessing the past perfectly preserved in the present. Planning a trip to Myanmar should always include food, beaches and temples.

Bagan Temples are an incredible site to witness and truly encompass the rich culture of Myanmar. Plus the architecture will have you standing in awe for quite a while. Don’t get too much of a neck ache looking up towards the sky. See how many fine details you can point out, trust us there are thousands. Before embarking on this magical venture be sure to get a hold of your Myanmar visa on our site on our site. With how easy the site is to use, we’ll have you walking among the temples in a flash.

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It’s important to note when planning to see the Bagan Temples, which ones to put at the top of your list and those to avoid during certain times. These magnificent works of art are popular and can get overwhelmed with visitors depending on the time of year. Another tip to keep under your hat are the hidden passageways connecting dozens of temples together. If you can navigate these, avoiding crowds is a synch.

Now, trying to decide which ones to visit can be a small burden but no worries, we have found a few which should make you say “wow.” If you are an early riser and enjoy a great sunrise, the Lawkaushaung Temple is perfect! With balconies overlooking the grounds on both second and third floors, there is a breathtaking view waiting when that ball of fire in the sky peaks over the horizon.

For those of you who can’t make a 5 am wakeup call to witness a sunrise, rest assure there is hope. The beauty of a rising sun is gorgeous but so is a setting sun. Thankfully, the North Guni Temple was built with sunsets in mind as it faces west, offering spectacular opportunities for photos. Get there about an hour before dusk and take advantage of the “sweet light” as photographers call it. Everything will be glowing vibrant colors and shining like a star in the sky.

Looking for Buddha? You won’t have trouble finding him at the Gawdawpalin Temple, home to dozens of Buddha statues. It’s a bit tourist-y as a souvenir market has taken over the ground floor, however, if you go out the south gate, there is a hidden treasure of sites to marvel at. Find the keeper of the keys and he will open up the doors to a majestic escape of beauty.

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