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| Updated on Mar 21, 2016

Cricket live with an Australian Visa

Want to visit Myanmar in the near future,

then check out this website to see if you qualify for the online tourist visa. America has baseball; the rest of the world has Cricket. But no viewing can be had until you fill out an Australian visa application

Watching cricket live is as simple as planning your trip and applying at  

Unless you are a select group of countries like New Zealand (what’s up neighbors!), you will need to apply. The requirements for getting started on your Australian visa application are listed on our site. It’s all uphill after you finish the 5 minute process.

Within 24 hours, you should be good to go! Australia is one location that has an array of cricket teams to watch and cheer for. Just in case you don’t already know what the sport entails, here is a quick rundown of the sport.

Cricket involves two teams of eleven players, a ball, bat and a rectangular pitch area. Much like baseball, players take turns attempting to hit the ball and run to the other side in order to score. Once ten batsmen are out, the teams switch positions between batting and the field. Each turn is called an inning.

Now that we are all on the same page, watching the game is an experience unlike any other! Especially when you are in Australia, where people know how to celebrate and have a great time.

Cricket fans in Oz know when the time to party is and that’s during the ICC Cricket World Cup! If you don’t get tickets to watch the game live than your next bet is to cram into a pub.

During the world cup, fans go beyond just a yell or clank of beer mugs: they morph into entirely different beings! Costumes, face paint, capes and excessive amounts of wigs are where it’s at! If you are coming to witness this as an outsider, make sure you bring any of the previously mentioned items!

You’ll fit right in.The ICC Cricket World Cup is only one game, so depending on what time of the year you are around Australia, you could head to the Grand Stadium in Sydney and catch a match.

There is no telling what kind of fun you will have while watching a match live.If live streaming from your phone doesn’t sound very appealing, perhaps you do need to get into the Land of Oz, but you can’t hop on a plane without having all your documents together.

Let us help and if you are ready to tour the country and catch a cricket game, get to clicking and soon you will be off on a wild adventure of face painting, wigs and crazy costumes!

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