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| Updated on Jul 7, 2016

Drawing the Myth: Bay of Bengal

Myanmar is a wonder of lush green tropical forest, sweet saffron skies and shimmering golden pagodas, but beyond the more heterodox itineraries, Myanmar is also home to some of the most magical beaches on the planet. Bordered by emerald palm trees and bronzed extensions of sand, the beauty of the bay of Bengal is beyond the limits of imagination.

With a turbulent history and many myths regarding its waters, the bay of Bengal was for centuries coveted by historical figures, from Marco Polo to Indian princes and European Empires in their quest for land and goods. Once the epicenter of trading and political interest in the world, the bay of Bengal is today a destination that merges past and present in perfect harmony under its unforgettable blue skies.

One of the most prominent beaches in the country is the Ngwe Saung, known as the silver beach. Located near a rustic fishing village, this beach is the ideal place to enjoy the paradisiac landscapes of Myanmar. The golden sun, its vibrant colors and the sinuous curves of its ambrosial waters will remain in your memory long after you are gone.

Its jade-hued tropical forest hide the Ngwe Saung elephant camp, which has an entrance cost of US$5, and allows visitors to get acquainted and interact with these wonderful animals.

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Competing in beauty and popularity, the beach of Ngapali offers panoramic views of the bay and out to the sea. Surrounded by secluded fishing villages full of culture and charm, Napali offers a wide range of activities for all types of visitors. From guided tours on local fishing boats to snorkeling and scuba diving among the exotic and brightly coloured fish. Visiting some of the surrounding fishing villages is a way of connecting with the carefully conserved traditions of the rural areas on Myanmar.

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To visit Myanmar, you are required to have a visa and a valid passport with a minimum of six months validity from the time you enter the land. The visa for Myanmar requires an application fee of US$50 and it can be obtained online via Myanmar’s ministry of Immigration and Population website. Once your application is processed and accepted, you will receive an approval letter attached to an official email, which will allow you into the country. The single entry tourist Myanmar visa has a duration of 28 days from arrival, and it is valid for three months.

Unlike in other countries of this area, there is no requirement to purchase an onward ticket out of the country in order to enter Myanmar. If you are travelling to South East Asia in the coming weeks and you did not apply for a valid visa on time, it is possible to obtain a short notice visa to Myanmar for US citizens in the Myanmar Embassy

For further information, tips and practicalities about Myanmar, you are always welcome to visit the different embassies and consulates around the world.

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