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| Updated on Feb 6, 2016

The eVisa system makes it easier to visit Myanmar

Explore the Majesty of Myanmar with an Easy to Obtain Electronic Visa

What could be more exciting than getting a chance to explore a country that has been closed off to the world for decades? Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has recently begun to emerge from a decades-long isolation brought about by the autocratic rule of a military junta. Now guided by democratic principles and the leadership of a new political party, led by long-time political prisoner Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar is enjoying normalised relationships with countries around the world once again. With this, the advent of tourism and a rush of visa to Myanmar applications has begun to open this country to tourism even more.


Rather than undertaking a cumbersome paper application process, the country has streamlined its entry processes for international tourists with an electronic Myanmar visa. Conveniently located on a government website, there is no need to send away your passport. This means there is no cause to worry about lost documentation, delays, and other problems disrupting your travel plans. Valid for 90 days and good for a stay of up to 28 days, the electronic Myanmar visa makes it easier than ever to visit this remote country.

Some restrictions remain in place on visas to Myanmar, however, electronic or not. Tourists may only stay in officially registered lodgings while in the country and may be restricted in the areas to which they can travel. Electronic visas may also only be used to enter the country via air; they are not valid for entry if you are planning on arriving to the country via a sea cruise liner. However, with the electronic visa for tourists costing only $50, and $70 for a business visa, becoming a tourist to Myanmar is still easier than it has ever been.

Experience the Amazing Beauty of Myanmar from the Air

Once your Myanmar visa has been approved and you enter the country, prepare to experience a world unlike anything you've seen before. By far one of the most popular ways to see the sights of the country is by air -- and not by plane! Instead, hot air ballooning has surged in popularity across the country. Soaring peacefully over the serene landscape below, you will glide through the air with a bird's-eye view of many of Myanmar's treasures, such as the ancient city of Bagan. Marvel at the over 2,000 buildings and temples still standing tall and proud on Myanmar's lush green land. Imagine what it must have been like to be a part of such a large and bustling city over a thousand years ago!

With a new political climate and further changes on the horizon, the future of Myanmar's tourism industry is no longer in doubt. Seize the opportunity to visit this ancient land and apply for your electronic Myanmar visa today! With quick processing times, you can be approved for entry in no time.

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