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| Updated on Jul 7, 2016

Invest in Your Happiness with Myanmar Tourism

The land formerly known as Burma is a vacationer’s paradise. Modern and ancient cultural and spiritual sites are complemented by expansive mountain ranges, swift and lazy rivers, balmy temperatures, dense tropical habitats, and gorgeous coastlines. Myanmar tourism boasts something for just about any tourist.

Some people will tell you that the best thing to see in Myanmar is the approximately 2000 km of beautiful beaches. Others will tell you that ecotourism is the best thing to do, and still others will brag about cultural and spiritual sites and festivals.

The bottom line is that it is all wonderful and it may even be hard to fit everything you want to see into a single trip. In spite of some of the political upheaval and strained relationships with Western powers, the people of Myanmar are as much a jewel as the beautiful land itself. You will find them to be friendly and proud of the diverse range of indigenous cultures within their borders.

As Myanmar becomes a more desirable travel destination, the growth of the hotel industry has fallen behind the pace of expanding tourism. The first rule of a trip to Myanmar is to book your hotel room well ahead of time. This step can be taken even before you obtain your Myanmar visa.

myanmar tourism

You are probably reading this article to help you select some destinations within Myanmar so that you can book your stay. Depending on the length of the stay you may need to choose between a lot of beach lounging and a lot of travel. One Myanmar tourism strategy would be to visit landmarks of the rich spiritual and cultural heritage of Myanmar first followed by some beach bum time before heading back to your busy life.

Tourists will want to consider visiting ancient sites in Yangon (Rangoon), Mandalay, and Bagan. Yangon is the capital city of Myanmar and boasts many beautiful architectural wonders. Tourists should visit Shwedagon and Maha Wizira Pagodas – the former is 2500 years old and the latter less than half a century.

The beautiful Karaweik Hall on Kandawgyi Lake was also built within the last half-century. From a distance, it appears to be floating on the lake and its golden surface glitters in the sun.

Mandalay will be the closest to the flavour of historical Myanmar. It is the second largest city with a population of 700,000 but it is considered the cultural heart of the country. Here you will experience both exquisite craftsmanship and delightful performing arts. Prepare to be amazed by precious metal working, wood and marble carving, dance, music, and drama.

The pull of Bagan (Pagan) is its 42-acre area covered by 5,000 mysterious and magnificent stupas and hollow pagodas from the 12th century. Not only will the panoramic view of this site at sunset leave you with a sense of wonder but the archaeological sites also offer a fascinating window into one of Myanmar's brilliant eras. If you are worn out after visiting these primary attractions of Myanmar, we recommend that you finish your trip at one of the many resorts at Ngapali beach or leave the beaten path for some quiet contemplation at Ngwe Saung AKA Silver Beach.

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