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| Updated on May 21, 2016

Myanmar Visa will Open Doors to a Countless Wonders

Trying to get sunburned on more than one beach?

Obtain a Myanmar visa and visit this exotic location with over 2000 km of beautiful beaches. Looking to overdo it a “little bit?” Burmese New Year's celebrations last for four days.

myanmar visa wonders places

Do you want to perfect the tallest of the tall Mohawks? Learn from Myanmar's punks - experts in the subject matter.

Now that you are intrigued let’s talk more about planning a trip to Myanmar.

The first thing you will need to do is obtain a Myanmar visa. The next thing will be to plan your itinerary, and lastly, but most importantly, book your hotel rooms well ahead of time to avoid problems due to a shortage.

Myanmar boasts approx. 2000 km of beach. To remain within the confines of “civilization” you can choose to find one of many resorts at Ngapali beach.

This stunning beach overlooking the Andaman Sea boasts a few km of white sand complemented by palm trees.
If you prefer to leave the beaten path for some quiet contemplation, consider Ngwe Saung AKA Silver Beach.

A 13 kilometers stretch of beach makes it one of the longest in Asia. Many other beaches along Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal are unspoiled by development and undiscovered by tourists.

If you prefer taking in your serenity while hiking, consider nature trails in various parts of the country.

Some of the favorites include Inle Lake in the Southeast, Kengtung in the East, Putao in the far North, and Pyin Oo Lwin in the central part of the country. Pyin Oo Lwin boasts the spectacular Anisakan Falls if you are feeling up for a challenging hike.

Want to coordinate quiet contemplation and beach bumming with a serious party? Every year in April, the Burmese celebrate Thingyan, the "water throwing festival," Don’t plan on staying dry during this water throwing frenzy where the abundance of water spraying activities symbolize the washing away of the previous year’s bad luck and sins.

The celebration culminates in the release of birds and fish and feasting held for local monks. Businesses and government shut down during the festival, so plan ahead if you need to do any banking or shopping before the festival. The biggest celebrations are in Yangon and Mandalay.

This brings us to the topic of how those Burmese punks are so successful keeping their enormous mohawks upright when EVERYTHING is saturated with water.

Their original solution was borne of difficulty obtaining traditional hair styling products during periods of privation - leather glue was determined to be highly effective in keeping their hair standing straight up, but unfortunately required shaving their heads at the end of the festival to remove the sticky adhesive.

More recently, hairspray has been widely available and is currently the medium of choice.

If modern punk culture is just too much for you, you could choose to focus on the rich spiritual and cultural heritage of Myanmar.

In addition to the attractions discussed above, tourists will want to consider visiting ancient cities in Bagan and Mrauk-U and religious sites in Mon State, Pindaya, Bago, and Hpa-An. All you need to do to open the door to any of these adventures is obtain a Myanmar Visa and book your trip today!

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